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    anyone have a schematic stk411-220

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    Is such drawing of this chip. Hopefully this is the benefit? I have has made years ago a number of amplifiers in STK chip`s but I would not recommend this series. These are not particularly reliable. In my experience is best to use, if possible: STK4040, STK4044, STK4046, STK4048 or STK4050. The best of them that I like is 4044XI (in my opinion). This prefix "XI" shows the THD. There is a II, V and XI, XI series THD is commonly 0,008% at the nominal output power. STK4044 is a 100W, STK4046 - 120W, STK4048 - 150W and STK4050 - 200W. In reality, the STK4050V very good cooling and a large power supply I got the power in output nearly 300W. This require some modification in STK4050 schematic. In some cases, they tend to oscillate and this is the big problem, the biggest is that in modern times is a lot of fake chips

    STK4050 record belongs to the G-Class, however, so too is it possible to work on and it works quite stable in this mode approx. 430W
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