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Thread: Class D amp with TL494 and IR2110 but there are cross-conduction, why ? fake chip ?

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    Class D amp with TL494 and IR2110 but there are cross-conduction, why ? fake chip ?

    Hi, this is my amp which worked very well with IR2111 but it doesn't work with IR2110.
    With ir2110 there is a cross conduction.

    Fake chip or ir2110 is only high side driver without dead time ?

    firstly i tried with a chip buyed from aliexpress.
    secondly i buyed one from another place because i thinked the first one is fake.

    I dont believe there are no dead time in ir2110 because ive seen schs with it.
    Now i believe these two chips are fake.


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    Im planning to run it directly from 314 volts with optocoupler/s for isolation.
    That will give me:

    314 Vpp == 157 Vp / 8ohm = 19,625A peak == 3.1 kW peak
    == 111 Vrms / 8ohm = 14A peak == 1.5 kW rms

    @ 8 ohms

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    Unfortunatly there is no dead time control with ir2110, use something like Onsemi FAN73933 or TI UCC27210 (until 100V) with programmable dead time control. Programmable is big word, its a simple resistor.

    Your set up with breadboard will not work very pretty (maybe no at all), parasitic inductance on the gate of MOS will cause MOS ringing a lot. I know there is no choice sometime of breadboarding, so make the loop (out of gate driver -> resisor -> gate of MOS -> source of MOS then gnd of gate drive as small as possible).
    Bring the bus capacitor as close as possible to your halfbridge
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