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Thread: IR2161 schematic by 0xff

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    Smile IR2161 schematic by 0xff

    Hi there,

    Lets talk about IR2161. I designed this schematic -

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    Hello Expressel this is an interesting power supply as it has a built in soft start and also current limiting fetchers. The only thing that I am not sure of is the switching frequency as this tend to vary with load. I have considered to experiment a little with it but never came to use this circuitry. I also collected some data sheets and application note which I am posting below. The chip is really intended to power up halogen lamps with an AC voltage but somehow we could make an smps to power an amplifier with even dual rail voltage. Regarding the higher power version of 650w I believe that IRF740 mosfets are more suitable.
    Let us see if someone else is interested in this chip

    IR2161 datasheet.pdf
    Schematic 2161.JPG
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